Piquette 2020

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Syrah Piquette [pi-'ket]
A fizzy wine beverage made from adding water to grape pomace and fermenting what is left of the sugars. 

Ingredients: Syrah pomace from Haynes Creek Vineyard, Water, Free run Syrah juice, yeast and Desert Honey.

In an effort to repurpose and reuse byproducts from making our 2020 Syrah, such as grape skins, stems, seeds and pulp, we made this slightly fizzy, lower in alcohol, refreshing beverage. Piquette pairs well with casual picnic afternoons at the beach or between wine tastings at the Naramata Inn

The Peahen is the antithesis to the showy, luxurious and loud Peacock wandering Naramata Village. Locals have talked about a peahen to keep company and provide balance. Our label shows a hand drawn Peahen feather reflecting the understated version of the species. Although her plumage is neutral, this fizzy, vibrant, and aromatic piquette is anything but monochromatic. We hope you enjoy this collaboration between Sommelier Emily Walker and Terravista Vineyards. 

Alc: 7.1%
30 Cases Produced