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GOLD! National Wine Awards of Canada - Albariño 2016

"Hello B.C. Albariño you beautifully lithe, tart, sharp and vital thing. Love how you lower that lemon drop twang, generously spice things up with your piquant behavior and energetically keep up the intensity. Well done and keep it up, plant, foster and deliver it. Drink 2017-2020. Tasted blind at NWAC17, June 2017."

~ Michael Godel     90 points


"Another fine offering from the Terravista line up. A very soft well-rounded white with a nice mingling of talc powder and Macintosh apple. A fun white for the summer and certainly well adept for the fish course."

~ Brad Royale     90 points


"This is gorgeous, such a great example of this variety from the west coasts of Spain and Portugal. It has perfect pineapple, lemon/orange fruit with some greenness. It's smooth, bright and well balanced. Very good intensity and purity. The length is excellent. Tasted twice June 2017."

~ David Lawrason    91 points


GOLD! National Wine Awards of Canada - Fandango 2016

"Perhaps the best ever edition of this wine, it is expressive in the extreme. You can sense the peaches and citrus of the Albariño, and the almond and botanicals of the Verdejo. The flavours are beautifully focused, with stone fruit, cream, snipped herbs and dusty minerals stamping the fresh finish. There is some nice weight and grip, which helps this blend linger in a most satisfying way. And so adaptable with food from gooseneck barnacles to grilled chorizo. Tasted June 2017."

~ DJ Kearney     92 points


GOLD! National Wine Awards of Canada - Figaro 2015

"Senka Tennant has done marvelous work with her 2015 Figaro. The blend is perfectly composed with all the peach, apricot and lavender you could ask for. Lovely flow between the richness and acidity with the wine never wavering in its search for a fine finish."

~ Brad Royale      90 points


"This is an excellent blend of two Rhone varieties: roussanne and viognier. It sports a lovely bright nose of yellow pear/plum, gentle spice, spearmint and anise. It's full bodied, warm yet fresh and bright with apricot and spice on the finish. Excellent length. Tasted June 2017"

~ David Lawrason      91 points

Gismondi on Wine - Terravista Viognier 2015

Naramata Bench, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia This viognier is Naramata meets Condrieu, displaying rich, confident form throughout its expansive, creamy... MORE…

Gismondi on Wine - Albariño Verdejo 2015

Naramata Bench, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia,  I would never have guessed albariño would find a home in the Okanagan twenty-five years ago,... MORE…

2016 National Wine Awards of Canada

      National Wine Awards of Canada – GOLD! FANDANGO 2015 A blend of Iberian grapes... MORE…

National Wine Awards of Canada (FANDANGO 2014) – GOLD!

FANDANGO 2014 The Terravista Fandango is a blend of the only Albarino (61%) and Verdejo (39%) grown in Canada and it's a crisp, juicy and sexy wine. Tropical... MORE…

National Wine Awards of Canada (FIGARO 2013) – GOLD!

FIGARO 2013 A viognier/roussanne/marsanne blend, the Figaro offers complex honey, lemon candy, red apple, pear and melon aromas. It's a medium-bodied, viscous... MORE…

Gismondi On Wine - Terravista Figaro 2013

Roussanne, Viognier, Marsanne Naramata Bench, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia,  Figaro year four, still blends roussanne, viognier and marsanne and... MORE…

Tim Pawsey - Figaro 2013

91/100 Terravista Figaro 2013. Bob and Seneka Tennant were part of team that founded Black Hills but nowadays they own Terravista Vineyards—and make... MORE…

Treve Ring – FANDANGO 2013

91/100 Terravista Fandango Albariño Verdejo 2013 Naramata Bench, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada Produced By: Terravista Vineyards Distributed... MORE…

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