FANDANGO 2017   -   Sold Out

Our blend of two white grape varieties, Albarino and Verdejo. The only wine of these grapes produced in Canada!  Grown at our home vineyard on the Naramata Bench at our Lone Hand Ranch vineyard.  Tough granitic soils of glacial origin characterize the vineyard.



Opulent scents of apricot and pineapple with a touch of herbal come wafting out of the glass of our 7th vintage of Fandango.  A field blend of Albarino (57%) and Verdejo both estate grown at our Lone Hand Ranch vineyard.

The palate is round and unctuous with crisp flavours of golden apple and peach skin, yet reminiscent of alpine meadow after rain.  Always nervy and  ripe with juicy lemony energy echoing on the finish.  Anything garlic drenched or fishy works well here.

                                Winemaker:  Senka Tennant