Our blend of two white grape varieties, Albarino and Verdejo. The only wine of these grapes produced in Canada!  Grown at our home vineyard on the Naramata Bench at our Lone Hand Ranch vineyard.  Tough granitic soils of glacial origin characterize the vineyard.


Year six Fandango continues to be a field blend of Albarino and Verdejo grown in our home  vineyard , “Lone Hand Ranch”.

A friend mentioned that when she drinks Fandango she cannot compare it to any other wine.  Reason being, Fandango presents the stage for the first dance of these two varieties,  - globally.

Instantly refreshing, always thirst-quenching with aromas of zesty citrus accompanied by bursts of herbs, spices and green melon.  The boucle-like mid palate texture remains tingling on the tongue long after the last sip.

So very versatile with a variety of foods, however tapas and appies still remain the favorite!                                                      Senka Tennant, Winemaker