En Terre Wines

Our team is thrilled to introduce you to En Terre – 5 years in the making our new project from our Terravista Vineyards Family is unveiled. En Terre meaning 'earthen' or 'of the earth' is the embodiment of this special wine series and also the name of our home vineyard. En Terre reflects our commitment to sustainability and mindful winemaking practices. It is about striking the balance between nature, land and innovative techniques.

Its distinctive logo, a captivating symbol of the brand's ethos of perpetual motion, draws inspiration from Davinci's golden ratio—a timeless representation of nature's balance and beauty. This project reflects our commitment to continuous learning and exploration from the heart. Just as nature changes, so does En Terre, always striving for thoughtful balance. 

Crafted with an inventive spirit, the inaugural release features the En Terre Riesling 2023, a vibrant testament to the distinctive Gold Digger and Boulders Blocks from our property in Okanagan Falls. 

Under this label, we will be releasing 5 wines in 2024 and we invite you to explore with us as we practice the art of informed intuition through the heart of our terroir. Find our first release here

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