Terravista Vineyards: Winemaker

Introducing Nadine Kinvig

Nadine may seem quiet, but she is no stranger to big, bold and beautiful wine styles and has over a decade of experience in winemaking in the Okanagan including, Foxtrot Vineyards, Poplar Grove, Time/Evolve/McWatters. With a Bachelors Degree of Viticulture and Oenology from Lincoln University in New Zealand and a long list of accolades and winemaking experiences, we are certainly proud and honoured to have Nadine at the helm of our wine program. She has a focused, honest and persistent approach to excellence – exactly what the team at Terravista Vineyards needed! 

When Nadine came to taste our wines in the summer of 2019 and met with us and Senka on the crushpad – we knew in that moment she was going to be part of our team, and it turns out, we have found the swiss army knife of winemakers!

Her first awards with Terravista Vineyards included the prestigious Platinum Award for the 2019 Albarino, Silver for 2019 Fandango and Bronze for 2019 Viognier. Recently, Fandango 2021 won Gold at Canadian Nationals and Figaro 2020 has won Double Gold Trophy with Global Fine Wine Competition in Australia. 

Here is a little about Nadine and her experiences in the industry:

Where did you grow up and how did you immerse yourself in the industry?

-Grew up in North Vancouver

-Introduced to wine by working a part time job at the Park and Tilford Liberty Wine Merchants, while going to college to get into the medical field.

-Got bitten by the wine bug/became a wine lover, and would visit the wineries in the Okanagan several times a year, always eager to try the newest releases on offer.

What experiences in the Okanagan formed the winemaker you are today?

-Eventually followed my passion, and moved to the Okanagan in winter 2004 to take the Assistant Winemaker program at Okanagan University College

-Worked odd jobs (bottling, tasting room and some occasional cellar work) at several wineries including Sumac Ridge, Lake Breeze and Laughing Stock Vineyard while going to school.

-Worked my first harvest at Adora Winery in fall 2005 and really enjoyed the cellar work

-Worked for Foxtrot Vineyards in their vineyard for a season.

-Moved to New Zealand in 2007 to get my Bachelors Degree of Viticulture and Oenology from Lincoln University

After completing my BV&O in late 2008, I moved back to the Okanagan, spent a winter pruning vineyards, then took a job in the tasting room at Red Rooster winery. I also helped out in the cellar and laboratory at Red Rooster when there was extra work to be done.

Also worked for Foxtrot Vineyards as Assistant Winemaker during this time

In 2010, the 2007 Foxtrot Vineyards Pinot Noir won the Lieutenant Governor’s  Award of Excellence in British Columbia Wines.

I joined the Harvest crew at Poplar Grove Winery for harvest 2009, and stayed on, working in both the cellar and tasting room. I am very passionate about Cabernet Franc, so for me, Poplar Grove was a natural choice, as they make a superb example of this variety.

 In Summer 2010 I was offered a full time role as Assistant Winemaker at Poplar Grove Winery.

Worked as Assistant Winemaker at Poplar Grove, helping expand the winery from a roughly 5000 case winery to a 15, 000 case winery. Worked with many, many varieties and wine styles between the Poplar Grove and Monster brands.

In 2011, I released the first wine, a Viognier, under my own label, Wapiti Cellars, together with Gustav Allander. Due to starting a family and with my growing role at Poplar Grove, we only made two vintages of Wapiti Cellars Viognier, before putting that project on hold.

Accolades include:

Lieutenant Governors Award for the 2009 Poplar Grove Cabernet Franc

Best in Class at the 28th Pacific Rim International Wine Competition for the 2010 Poplar Grove Cabernet Franc

Gold at the 2016 Best of Varietal Awards for the 2015 Poplar Grove Blanc de Noir

In the Summer of 2016 I took the Assistant Winemaker position at TIME Winery which had just begun construction in downtown Penticton. Worked with Lawrence Buhler until he moved back to Ontario in Mar 2018.

Promoted to Winemaker in summer of 2018, with Graham Pierce taking over the Director of Winemaking role from Lawrence.

Worked with a wide range of varietal and styles under the three labels; TIME Estate Winery, McWatters Collection and Evolve Cellars.  Ran a large sparkling wine/Charmat program for Evolve Cellars.

Accolades include:

Top White Wine at the 2018 Cornucopia for 2017 TIME Riesling

Best of Show at the 2019 BC Best of Varietals Competition for the 2017 TIME Riesling

Double Gold at 2018 All Canadian Wine Championships for 2017 TIME Viognier

Gold at the 2019 Spring Okanagan Wine Festival for the 2018 TIME Rose

Gold at the 2018 All Canadian Wine Championships for the 2016 TIME Cabernet Franc

Gold at the 2019 National Wine Awards of Canada for the 2016 TIME Meritage

What wines do you enjoy making?

The wines I enjoy making the most are aromatic, fresh, and clean white wines with a backbone of minerality and acidity. 

For red wines, I enjoy making full bodied and bold reds with good tannin structure and ageability.